Review of PS3 blinking red light fix guide: PS3 Lights Fix

As promised earlier this month, today, I wanna give you a detailed review of the PS3 blinking red light fix guide: PS3 Lights Fix.

Why did I need a PS3 blinking red light fix in the first place?

I suffered the PS3 blinking red light three weeks ago:

There I was, in the middle of a fight to the death, when the screen went blank and the red light was blinking. Arrhhhhgggh! NO! What the heck happened?

First thing next morning I called the Sony tech support number and they said sure, we have a PS3 blinking red light fix… but it could be up to SIX WEEKS before I’d get my console back! Wait six weeks to continue the game I’d been playing for two weeks straight? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Plus, they wanted $150 to even look at it!

I just couldn’t wait that long so I did some digging and asking around in the gaming forums I belong to and someone told me that there was a way to fix this stuff myself. They sent me to PS3 Light Fix and although I was very sceptical whether this guide could help me or not, I decided to buy it. On the one hand, it was much cheaper then sending the PS3 to Sony and on the other hand, it promised that I could fix my PS3 blinking red light myself in less than two hours.

Contents of the PS3 blinking red light fix

After paying through PayPal, I could immediately download the repair guide. I was really impressed that PS3 Lights Fix is more than a simple eBook; it is a huge collection of guides, videos and bonuses.

PS3 Lights Fix mainly consists of step-by-step guides for the following fixes:

All guides are accompanied by instructional video which make it a lot easier to understand the steps that are needed to repair your PS3.

PS3 Lights Fix includes repair guides for all available PS3 models:

If you still have problems to understand the instructions after reading the manuals, you have access to 24/7 support and One-on-One help.

My conclusion regarding this PS3 blinking red light fix

With the help of the guides I was able to perform the PS3 blinking red light fix in little less than 3 hours. The guide is very straightforward and includes one or more pictures for every single step you have to take. I think, together with the videos, almost everyone can do a PS3 blinking red light fix.

I’m very happy that I decided to buy PS3 Lights Fix because I was able to save myself just over $120 and didn’t have to wait 6 weeks to use my PS3 again.

Click here if you also want to fix your PS3 yourself.

PS3 Blinking Red Light Fix


PS3 Blinking Red Light Fix



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PS3 Repair Guide – Fix the blinking yellow/red/green light and the red screen

A PS3 Repair Guide is a must-have for every PS3 owner because with it you can fix the following errors yourself instead of sending your PS3 to Sony, pay $150 and wait for 6 weeks:

My favorite PS3 repair guide: PS3 Lights Fix

PS3 Lights Fix is a PS3 Repair Guide for all the errors above which manifest themselves as follows:

PS3 red light issue / PS3 yellow light of death (YLOD)

The PS3 red light issue and the PS3 yellow light of death are two names for the same problem. It usually occurs when the console is on heavy workload, e.g. watching a Blu-ray or playing graphic intensive games. The pattern is often the same: You’re watching a movie and the picture disappears, the PS3 beeps three times and the red LED starts to blink. If you turn on your PS3 again, the green LED switches on, changes to yellow for about a second and then changes to flashing red. The change from green to yellow is the ultimate proof for a PS3 yellow light of death. If you don’t have a PS3 Repair Guide, you have to send your PS3 to Sony’s service.

PS3 green light problem

If you have the PS3 green light problem, you can still switch on your PS3 and the green light comes up, but then nothing happens. You can insert a game or a Blu-ray, the blue LED blinks, but still nothing happens. You are not able to assign your wireless controller. Again, you have to send your PS3 to Sony’s service to fix it.

PS3 red screen

If you switch on your system you see nothing but the PS3 red screen:

PS3 Repair Guide

Even the red screen can be fixed with a PS3 repair guide

With this error, you also have to send your PS3 to Sony’s service, if you don’t know how to fix it yourself.

All errors are usually caused by an overheating problem within the PS3. Thus, you should try to keep your PS3 as cool as possible. Place your PS3 on an open shelf; don’t place it in corners of a room. Try to avoid all the places where heat can easily get trapped.

Get your PS3 repair guide now

If you are already experiencing one of the errors above, take a look at the following PS3 Repair Guide: PS3 Lights Fix.

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Causes of the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death

The PS3 yellow light of death or PS3 blinking red light indicates that something is terribly wrong with your PS3 hardware. This cannot be specified to one particular fault or the other. There are many reasons for the PS3 yellow light of death.

Top 3 causes of the PS3 yellow light of death

One of the causes is failure of the solder. This is as a result of the cycles of repeated heating and cooling of this solder. This makes the solder to crack leading to loss of the contact between the chip and the component. Therefore, your PS3 will shut down.

PS3 Yellow Light Of DeathAnother cause of the blinking red light error may be due to major failure of your hardware. This may emanate from a malfunction in the main power supply unit. The processor of your PS3 may also get too hot. This heat will liquefy the solder leading to a break between the solder and the Central Processing Unit of the motherboard.

Failure of the hard drive may also cause a PS3 red light issue. However, the main cause of the PS3 yellow light of death is most likely related to faults with those solder points that are found between the mainboard of the PS3 and either the RSX graphic card or Cell processors. The Ball Grids Area (BGA) packaging that is used by most PS3 parts is very vulnerable to breaking when put under thermal stresses.

PS3 yellow light of death – a common failure?

Sony claims that the PS3 has a very low rate of failure. However, the design of the PS3 appears to have some major flaws. Original 60GB PS3 models seem to be the most affected by these causes. However, later models of PS3 will also not turn on when affected by the PS3 yellow light of death.

The good thing is that developments are being made to PS3. This will involve smaller chips which will have lower requirements for power. Temperatures will also drop drastically and the PS3 red light flashing problem will no longer exist.

In conclusion, there are many PS3 yellow light of death causes and your machine may be affected by one of them. This is very exasperating especially since Sony claims that the PS3 has low rates of failure. Once you have discovered the causes, it is up to you to go about fixing the blinking red light error. You can elect to do this yourself or to hire a professional to repair the PS3 yellow light of death.

PS3 yellow light of death

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PS3 Repair Guide – What Is The Most Efficient Available?

Why are you looking for a PS3 Repair Guide? Has your Playstation 3 just recently run into more than a few problems? Or worse, has it developed the notorious yellow light of death every PS3 owner is scared of? You might be scared to death and tempted to run as far as possible.

No Need For a PS3 repair guide if your PS3 is still under warranty

Let’s get rational and think things thoroughly first. If your Sony Playstation 3 is still under warranty, then you can send it back to Sony and get it fixed. This is free but takes about 2 weeks to a month or so. If you rather get your PS3 as soon as you can or your warranty is not valid any more, it is recommended to fix the game console by yourself through the use of a PS3 repair guide.

Many different PS3 repair guides are available

There is a wide variety of guides available online. How to choose with all the selections? Be wary that not every PS3 repair guide is created the same. Some are user friendly, some are so complicated to understand, and still others are mere scams to rob people off their dollars. So, one should know the best and legitimate PS3 repair guide out there.

One example of a good Playstation guide is the PS3 Fix Guide. It helps you fix a wide variety of problems and errors. However, it only comes in an e-book. Diagrams are limited and no videos are available. However, it is easy to understand and no frills. You can easily fix your PS3 in an hour or so with the PS3 Fix Guide.

PS3 Repair Guide is one of the cheapest guides out there – the best value for your money. It includes other non related tips and tricks to repair, such as how to transfer your iPod files to your Playstation 3. This guide even teaches you to convert your Sony Playstation 3 into a working computer at Linux Operating System! It’s a fun and sensible guide everyone can use, from the technologically illiterate to the gadget techies.

Best PS3 repair guide: PS3 Lights Fix

ps3 repair guideHowever, when it comes to major problems like the Yellow Light Error, the most efficient PS3 repair guide is PS3 Lights Fix. The repair guide is comprehensive and straight to the point. It’s clear how PS3 Lights Fix really wants you to learn – it includes a complete set of videos on how to do the whole repair process. And if those weren’t enough, you will appreciate the PDF guides that are all well written, user friendly, with loads of illustrations to help you understand what to do and why you are doing it.

Thus, if you want to fix your PS3 yourself and don’t know which PS3 repair guide to choose, I would definitely recommend PS3 Lights Fix.

PS3 repair guide

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Prevent the PS3 flashing red light by preventing overheating

PS3 flashing red lightThe ps3 flashing red light problem is one common trouble gamers experience with a PS3 console, a signal which is more or less yelling at you to stop playing immediately.  As much as you enjoy playing your favorite game with your Playstation3, this is an instance which interrupts your quality gaming time.

What to do if a PS3 flashing red light problem occurs?

At the moment the PS3 flashing red light problem occurs, the best advice one has to offer is, of course, call the Sony Service Center to get immediate help. One of the general causes of this red light trouble is overheating, which could possibly be caused by accumulating dust within your console’s motherboard. The console’s overheating may also be caused by misplaced connection of the hard drive or cable connection problems. 

If you feel like you need at least a temporary remedy to solve the ps3 flashing red light trouble, then as a standard solution for all overheating problems, the first thing to do is of course, cool down your console. You can do this by turning off your Playstation3 unit, and allowing it to cool down for at least about thirty minutes before restarting it. This is only a temporary solution to the problem, so in the end, even if it works, consulting a professional help is still advised. 

You may also try removing and re-attaching your hard drive carefully in order to make sure that it is attached properly. Checking the cables and re-attaching them to make sure that they are well placed in their seats is also a good solution to solve the ps3 flashing red light problem. 

You may also prevent the existence of the ps3 flashing red light problem by maintaining your game console and cleaning it properly. As the accumulation of dust is a potential cause of this problem, then cleaning it, and preventing the dust from accumulating is a good enough solution. Also, take note of the place where you are storing your game console. Make sure that it is not placed in a location where ventilation is impossible, and make sure that there is always an air vent where the hot air could be released to avoid its insulation. 

How to fix the PS3 flashing red light problem

When everything else fails to work, then it is time that you consider other factors causing this problem. At such instance, it is best you seek professional help, such as calling the Sony Service Center, which will definitely give you a hand in solving this problem or you use a PS3 repair guide to fix your PS3 yourself. With all these do it yourself simple solutions, may you have a wonderful gaming time and enjoy your well deserved play without a ps3 flashing red light.

PS3 flashing red light

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PS3 Blinking Red Light Fix – Pay over $150 and wait for 6 weeks?

You may wonder what a PS3 blinking red light fix is. I experienced the so-called PS3 blinking red light about 2 weeks ago. After turning on my PS3 the only reaction I got was a flashing red light. No chance to play a game or at least to see the main menu. I was really annoyed because I payed a lot of money for the console and I was finally getting better at playing FIFA 10.

My search for a PS3 Blinking Red Light Fix

I instantly started to search through different forums to find a solution for my problem. After a while I found a PS3 blinking red light fix. It consisted of the following three simple steps:

1. Check if there is a loose cable. If not, restart your console.

2. Unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug them back in.

3. If that didn’t work, then try to take out the hard-drive, and put it back in.

Unfortunately none of these tips worked for me, the PS3 was still flashing red.

I suddenly remembered that my Xbox 360 had a Red Ring Of Death two years ago and that the Microsoft service repaired it for free, I only had to pay the shipping. I thought that Sony – the market leader for gaming systems – offered such a service, too. But I thought wrong!

Sony offered the following “excellent” PS3 blinking red light fix:

1. Pay $150 no matter if the error is Sony’s own fault or not

2. Wait up to six weeks to do the flashing red light repair

3. Forget about all the content you stored on your PS3, it’s all wiped off!

Do you call that customer service?

My search for an affordable PS3 Blinking red light fix

Thus I started to search for a cheaper solution and finally came across PS3 Lights Fix, a D.I.Y. PS3 repair guide. Click here to find out more about this guide. Not only does it include a PS3 blinking red light fix, but also fixes for other common PS3 problems.

Although I was a little sceptical at first, I finally decided to order the guide.

Stay tuned for my review of this PS3 blinking red light fix guide and in the mean time take a look at the PS3 Lights Fix promotion video below:

ps3 blinking red light fix

PS3 Blinking Red Light Fix

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